Bungle Bungles, WA

Our first sighting…of the domes, Bungle Bungles, WA

We spent 2 nights camping at the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park (a bit of red dirt with 3 corner jacks!) and drove the 52km into the National Park – well worth the effort – did the Dome Loop, Cathedral Rock and Picaninny Creek walks to the lookout – we walked over 3km in 38 degree heat!

We have actually double backed to Kununurra for a while as a lot of the places we want to visit on the Gibb River Road haven’t opened after the Wet Season yet! So we are at the Discovery Caravan Park at Lake Kununurra! While killing time in Kununurra and visiting the sites, we went to the diamond shop where they sell the rare pink Argyle diamonds – Chris didn’t want to sell the car and camper just yet, so we settled on this lovely boab tree pendant with champagne diamonds!

The last photo is of the resident freshwater croc that is 50m from our camp – Jaws they call him – half his bottom jaw is missing 🙂 quite bizarre watching people swim and ski in the water – even if they are freshie’s (after living in Darwin the only place you swam is where you can see the tiles on the bottom!!).