Eighty Mile Beach & Point Samson

Day 59 and 4,430 km into our trip!!

Eighty Mile Beach is famous for threadfin salmon and we were here to catch some!!! NOT!!!! Neap tides, cold and windy and we gave up after 5 days as a bad joke!!! We did manage to catch 2 Blue Salmon and feed the threadies for next time!!

Next on to Point Samson which is about 30km north of Karratha on the coast…We were trapped here for a week by 40km winds which was horrible! Thankfully, the caravan park had a really big warm camp kitchen and adult room next door with cinema chairs and big screen tv!!! So our week consisted of cooking our meals in the camp kitchen and either reading or watching tv next door!!! Point Samson was also the beginning of the Backgammon championships – current score 7-4 to SAM 🙂 We did get out a couple of days for a drive…to Cossack – a historical township that is now a museum. Went to Karratha and Dampier another day to have a look – salt mines and iron ore ports!

Next stop Onslow to try and get out of this cold and windy weather!!