We got to Exmouth, then flew to Darwin for 2 weeks (Sam’s turn to work!) and then back again. The emus just roam freely through the caravan park, being a pain in Chris’s ass and trying to pinch food every time you turned your back!! Did a big drive around Cape Range National Park North and East of Exmouth – taking in Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, lots of beautiful bays and beaches, over Yardie Creek Crossing, down to Ningaloo Homestead and back to Exmouth. Got the spring fixed on the Ranger so ready to go again!! Chris fitted the new water pump – still not working – so after a phone call to Pioneer – found a secret hiding place for a $1 fuse!!! Unfortunately we missed the whale sharks (which we were keen to swim with!), but we did see the Humpback Whales off the coast as we were driving along the coastline.