Stayed with our good friends Mick & Charmaine who we stayed with in 2003 – we haven’t aged much!!!

What great hosts they were again, we all ate and drank too much- need a week in a health farm now! They took us to lots of places including the foreshore for their 34th wedding anniversary, HMAS Sydney memorial, Seal Rock, Ellendale Pool, the wind farm and the Burnt Barrel. And Mick cooked us up the best kangaroo tail and roast leg! Anybody would think he owns a car yard – with the number of vehicles and bikes he has – he took us for a ride in his prized possession – the Monaro and Chris took his Harley for a lap! Then there is the Maverick, the his and hers MUX’s, just to mention a few!

Sam was also roadie for Charmaine (she’s a talented wedding celebrant) for 2 weddings!!!!