Gibb River Road – Ellenbrae Station

Due to some places along the Gibb River Road not being open yet, we phoned Ellenbrae Station, a couple of hundred km along the GRR to see if they had any work for a week or so. Luckily for us, Larissa and Logan, the young managers of the station gave us food and board for a few hours work each day – which was a great experience! Ellenbrae are famous for their scones and they have a few cabins and a campground – all tourism now, not a working station – although there are some cattle there. Sam found herself making up rooms, gardening, chook herder, baby sitter to their gorgeous 1yr old Cody. Chris found himself on a tractor – grading the 5km driveway and the airstrip, driving the rockin’ rodeo, lighting the donkey (hot water for the campground), making shelves and doing odd jobs (cleaning up the garden shed, storeroom and workshop!). We ended up staying for 2 weeks – thanks so much for the experience Logan & Larissa. We had the afternoons off, so went for a drive to Durack Falls – and did some 4 wheel driving – in the hope of catching a barra – but unfortunately the West has had a bad wet season, like Darwin, so not a lot of water (and no fish!).

Another afternoon was spent going kayaking up the river 5 mins from the homestead – not a bad backyard pastime!

The boss Logan took us for a drive over the property…love the boabs, countryside, wild cattle and beers!

We learnt a new game – Finska – Sam was hopeless! A few evenings were spent on the grass with drinks and nibbles and new friends.

Not to mention the wildlife…we saw lots of snakes – Golden Tree Snakes, Whip Snake and even a Night Tiger! Lots of birds (Sam’s favourite Double-Bar finches) and of course the chooks.

Last dinner at Ellenbrae – magic spread with new friends