GRR – Manning Gorge

Unfortunately for us, it has been a bad wet season in the West, so not much water in the gorges and waterfalls as usual – still a gorgeous place – and we had it to ourselves for a few hours!

Normally there is a tinnie that ferries you across the waterhole by the campground but that wasn’t arriving until the next day (WA – wait awhile) so we had to swim across! This then gets you started on the arduous 2.5km trek up and down ranges and over rocks to the beautiful falls…well worth it!

The campground there is unpowered so we hooked up the generator to top up the camper batteries, but alas nothing!!! The redarc bms was not working!!! So for the next week we had to run the big fridge/freezer directly off the generator when camping as the only way to charge the 2 batteries in the camper was by driving, as the solar input wasn’t working either.